Wholesale Christmas Trees in Gaines PA

    Twin Valley Evergreens is a producer of high quality wholesale christmas trees in Gaines PA  and retail christmas tree markets.  I work in part with my brother who owns Mitchell Brothers Tree Farms.  Together we have approximately 350 acres of land in one aspect or another of the tree farming process. We carry a large assortment of various species of trees for sale.  Among these are fraser fir, douglas fir, canaan fir and balsam fir.  We also sell spruce trees such as, blue spruce and white spruce, for the cut tree market.  We average between five and ten thousand christmas trees sold per year.  We are located in the hills of Potter and Tioga county. Right on the border of each actually.  The weather is in the ideal range for growing Fraser fir trees. Perfect weather and temperature conditions along with the perfect soils for maximum growth.  We typically have a heavy budset with lots of new growth every year.  We have several other varieties as i mentioned before also.  

     The douglas fir grow fairly quickly and we do not have tremendous problems with the diseases like other parts of the country does. Now that does not mean we are disease free, just that they are more easily controlled and therefore less detrimental to the health of the tree once its cut.  We generally accept orders of any quantity but prefer to do orders of 200 or more.  We do sell to rewholesalers but payment must be made 50% up front and the rest before delivery.  All our sales are 50% upfront with the rest due upon delivery. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Our varieties of wholesale christmas tree in Gaines, PA stock is  fraser fir, douglas fir, canaan fir, balsam fir, concolr fir, blue spruce, white spruce, white pine, and red pine. I have many contacts in the industry so if i cant fill your full order maybe i know someone who can.