Here at Twin Valley Evergreens we also offer field services. From tilling for gardens to plowing, disking, soil preparation for food plots for the wildlife or for your garden, or grass seeding in Gaines PA, we have the equipment to do the job.  Many people have small hand run tillers that are fine for loose or new soils but what do you do when the soil has been sitting and compacting for many years? Call us.  We have plows discs and small tillers for these needs.

I was raised on a farm so I have the necessary experience to do these jobs. We also have the ability to do home planting as needed. Have a need to plant an area of corn for the wildlife? We can do it.  Need a large area smoothed and seeded? We can do it.  I have noticed a growing need for these services; therefore I have begun to offer them. Many food plots simply need a good disking from year to year to ensure good seed growth. This is a fairly easy and inexpensive way to ensure successful crop growth. Soil samples to determine the nutritional content of the soil and the type of fertilizers are also a recommended step in proper crop growth.  We can also do this for you. This will take some time as we have to send the samples out for lab analysis. This step is recommended and will greatly increase your yield and growth rates. Many of these seed mixes you get at the local sporting goods stores have a variety of seeds in them. Most of which may or may not be good for the soil and climate conditions of your area.  If the need arises I can work up a mixture of seed that is more appropriate to the area you are in.  The biggest problem with these brand name food plot packages is that they are designed to work in a large demographic. Now while they are good, the area you're in might be a colder zone or have a different soil type.  While these mixes will work for you there are usually better seed choices available. As a hunter myself I have tried many of these packaged blends and found good success with most. However I have learned that with soil samples I can usually come up with better choices myself.  The up side to these packages is the smaller quantities available. Most of the time a specialty blend costs a bit more or you have to buy more of various seed and blend them yourself. That being said, I can get most seed by the pound and mix them together myself.  Often times the seed will not mix with a proper balance so they will have to be spread individually. This is not a big deal however.

Another service as I mentioned is tilling for gardens.  We offer soil sample services for these as well however this is not such a big deal. That is unless your garden is doing very poorly.  In that case this service might be just what you need to accomplish a beautiful garden. Many times a simple lack of one fertilizer or an overabundance of another might be your problem and a simple mixture of different fertilizers or limes might cure this problem.  I have seen gardens go from barely producing to overflowing simply by adding lime to the soils.  This is where you see the importance of soil testing.  A properly tilled garden will also increase the production of the garden. The root systems of vegetables are fairly weak and need a loose soil to properly grow.  Without this loose soil the root systems will not develop properly and the vegetables will not produce properly. The yield you get from a garden or food plot will be directly linked to the amount of time and steps that you do to ensure proper growth 0f the seed you plant or grass seeding in Gaines PA.

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