Stump removal is not something that is often done, however by removing the stump rather than grinding it you get rid of problems that will plaque you down the road.  One of these recurring problems is the constant application of topsoil as the lower section of the stump and the root system slowly rots away.  The size of the tree is proportionate to the problems it will cause you in the future.  Most large stumps (say sixteen inches or so across) will reach up to two foot deep depending on the type of tree.  This can lead to a seemingly neverending refilling and reseeding of the deprezssion the rotting stump leaves in your lawn.  While stump removal is fairly costly although it is well worth it in the long run. The cost will reflect on size, disposal, topsoil and seeding wanted done.  Distance travelled to the job site will also be a factor in pricing of the stump removal.   The pictures above was from a camp bordering my farm.  This was a fairly small stump only measuring about 12 inches across.  I have pulled stumps measuring up to approximately three feet across.  These stumps usually reach up to 2 foot deep with their root systems.  Stumps this large often can take quite a while to work out of the ground and there is usually a lot of damage within six or eight feet of the stump requiring a fair amount of topsoil.  This is not a bad thing as the land generally needs regraded within that distance anyways.  A job like this could take a couple hours or more and depending on distance I have  to travel and could ncost upwards of 350 dollars.  Estimates are always free!!  If you would wish the stump ground out I can come up with an estimate on that also.   The initial cost on grinding would likely be cheaper but would probably wind up costing more in the end, when you take into consideration the ongoing topsoil and seeding as a result of the ground sinking as the roots rot away.   Feel free to contact me if this is a service you require.