Here at Twin Valley Evergreens we specialize in the commercial tree planting aspect of the commercial landscaping industry. The reason we specialize in this aspect is because we have evergreen tree farms where we grow a good portion of our stock. We plant all types of product besides evergreens, however,  if we dont grow it we can get it. We use the same equipment to plant the trees as we do to dig them.  This equipment being skidsteers with digging spades. This leads to a higher survival rate and an increased rate of planting. This also allows us to almost completely do away with staking the trees.  Speed and efficiency are the greatest factors to planting and we have both.   Another good point, being that we grow most of our own stock, is that it is fresh dug, leaveing less time for the root system to dry out and thus for the tree to die.  We utilize nursery jaws to load and unload and move the stock resulting in higher efficiency and less damages to the root balls. We maintain an average of about 8 inches of root ball per 1 inch of trunk. However, we will size to your specifications, however these trees may not be guarenteed if not a minimum of 6 inches of root ball per 1 inch of stump.  


     We have a one year guarantee on the trees we plant unless specified otherwise. Most of the tree planting we do is for gas and oil field related puposes, along with large construction sites. We are Dunns and Bradstreet certified so state or federal jobs are welcome with us.  We are willing to subcontract to contractors who dont have the capabilities to plant or handle larger product or need additional services due to time or some other constraint. Large tree planting contracts are what we wish to do ,however, no job is too small for us.  We will also do large tree planting for residential customers.  Another service that we offer is tree relocation.  This service is limited to size however.  We use digging spades so we can only go up to approximately a seven inch stump or about an eighteen foot tree. There are several factors involved in this however so I would have to see the tree before I knew if this was possible or not.                                                                                               Another aspect of our tree planting is seedlings.  Reclamation areas, private individuals, pretty much anybody or organization that wishes to have large sums of seedlings planted should give us a call. We are trying to get involved in PA's crep program also.  We have a local company that hauls our freight so getting the trees delivered on time is assured. This company has been hauling our products since the founder started the company.  This company is now in its third generation,as is our farm, so we have a good working relationship with them.  A few of the firms i have worked with include Lobar construction inc., Gas and Oil Field Specialists, and Seneca Resources. If you think i might suit your needs give me a call or send me the spec sheets by email and i'll see what i can do for you.