For more than a century my family has farmed in the hills of Potter and Tioga counties in PA. My great grandparents immigrated here from Ireland sometime in the late 1800's.  My great grandfather found laying the stone foundations for the silos in the Germania, Galeton PA areas to be readily available work for him.  He had a small farm (approximately 25 acres) on pigeon hill just outside of the village of germania  PA. Approximately half of this farm is still owned and used to this day by my family. He had a son and a daughter who moved to Brooklyn NY at an early age.  The son got married and worked in a milk plant as a bottle washer while his wife cleaned houses.  They lived there for many years.  After their second son had reached the age of three they moved back to Galeton PA and bought a farm.  This was reportedly the only farm in the area to have indoor plumbing at the time (a great luxury back then). My grandfather farmed various crops and eventually handed the farm over to his two sons.

     My father at the age of twelve had had some evergreen seedlings given to him that he planted for the wildlife.  One day a few years later a gentleman who was staying at my other uncles home saw the trees and offered my father fifty cents a tree standing(big money back then).  My father realizing potential thus started planting christmas trees. He farmed various other crops also but the trees were the ones he stuck with through it all.  I grew up trimming scotch pine under the bazing sun of july and trimming spruce trees in the fall and early spring. As the years have changed the world so too have i changed in my goals and the goals of my buisiness.  I have moved into the commercial and residential landscaping buisiness to add to the diversity of my farm.  I am starting to grow and expand not only what my farm has to offer but also the services associated with it.  I hope you have caught a glimpse into my history and the history of a growing legacy.

A growing commercial and residential landscape company, Twin Valley Evergreens provides the services that you need. From upgrading exsisting growth to creating new hedgerows for privacy or wind deflection or just beautification purposes, we are the tree planting experts you need on your side. With over seventy years of experience in the tree industry we have the experience and knowledge you need.