Twin Valley Evergreens also offers commercial lawn maintenance in Gaines, PA and its surrounding areas.  We offer large tract mowing using tractors with brush hog mowers.  For those unfamiliar with these mowers they are a rough cut mower designed to cut tall standing grasses.  These mowers do not chop the grasses up into small fine pieces but merely cut the grass down and let it lay in a long strand, similar to the mowers used to cut down hay to be bailed.  We also offer maintanance services within a certain distance of Gaines PA if the job is large enough to make the travel worth it. I'm focusing mainly on large mowing tracks such as fields that need mowed for future developements or use for any other reason such as paintball fields or for sporting activities.  
     If a lawn maintanance job is large enough to require my services i will definately take a look and put in a bid for the job.  As of spring of 2016 I don't have a great deal of experience with residential landscaping but i'm willing to do it if I feel it might be right for the job.  I have the ability to do fine cut mowing as well if a combination of these types of mowing if needed.  My experience with pond features and stone work is also at this time limited. I have faith in my abilities and i do guarantee my work.  I was raised on a farm so i'm familiar with a variety of fencing.  However most of this has been a metal style fence of one type or another.   I will hopefully get into this more as time goes on but am ready to do if you need these services.  I am always interested in learning new things and trying new ideas or concepts for a lawn.  If you have a different idea or concept you want to try give me a call and let's see what we can do to modify or improve your lawns looks.  Another aspect of the lawn maintenance area is the application of mulch.  I have the ability to do small to large mulshing projects.  Whether you need it around your house and trees and shrubs or around a large area such as a pond or gazebo or other outbuildings i can do the job.  I have done some minor pathway installations with bricks, sand, and various types of stone also.  These are nice features around a garden or leading to outbuildings or outside gathering areas.  A stone wall on a bank with some nice shrubs or vines growing along and down it is a bweautiful feature for a barren area by your house or driveway. There are many little things that can be done to improve the looks of a residence or buisiness without breaking the bank.  Give me a ring and let me see what i can do for you.