Resisdential services are something new to us but as the demand grows so shall we.   We offer planting and lawn care services to meet your needs.  We do everything from simply mulching around your house or sheds to removal and or replacement of trees and shrubbery.   A couple of the jobs i have done involved removing cedars and shrubbery that was to close to a house and growing into a heat pump.  Shrubs like rhodadendron look nice right next to a house but the root systems can cause big problems for the homeowner.  Especially if it is an old house with a stone basement.  I have seen the roots grow right thru the joints in the stone and move the stone. In this instanc e the basement wall had to be repaired at a cost ofc thousands of dollars.  Luckily that is rare.  Sometimes a simple mulch border like i applied around the stone in front of a house can give it a whole new look.  Never overlook the possibility that all you might need is a little tidying up to give your house a whole new look.  If your looking for something unigue or different give me a shout.  I have done some minor stone wall work and am looking to do more.  A simple stone wall around a flower bed can mean the difference between dull and dreary or alive and exciting.  A lot can be done with old items you have laying around.  I used some old tires and an old cast iron bathtub at my house to create a unique look on the side of my house.  A low stone wall completed the look to the front.  I have an old farmhouse so i try to keep with a simple yet nice country style to the landscaping.  I also have a pond that i built and have been putting oaks and maples around it.  I will eventually turn it into an outdoor grilling and picnic type area.  A lot can be done with a section of land that seems out of the way and useless.  From installing a simple gazebo to crerating a little hideaway for peace and quiet.  All things are possible with a little imagination. Sometimes simply moving a few trees from one spot in your lawn to another and adding a simple water feature will give your house a brand new look.  I can move trees from point to point if the stumps are less than six inches across.  Little thing like this often make a huge difference.  If you feel like a change is in order give me a call and i will see what I can do for you.